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Have you bought new Roku streaming stick? Want to Setup Roku streaming stick? Seeking for setup Roku streaming stick? No problem, you are at right place. Here we give you answers to all your queries related to

The Roku streaming stick comes with Enhanced “Point-anywhere” Remote and supports up to 1080p HD picture quality. Generally, Roku streaming stick works with TV through HDMI cable connection or attach directly to the Television HDMI port. If your Streaming stick does not fit into your HDMI port, you need to use free HDMI extender cable. Now, let’s begin with setup Roku Streaming Stick.

setup Roku Streaming Stick

Complete guidance for setup Roku Streaming Stick:

Here is step by step instructions for setup Roku streaming stick, written below:

Select a Language:

  • Once your streaming stick turns on, the first screen appears with select a language option (Note: select your language carefully because all the dialog box and text displayed into selected language).
  • By scrolling up/down the list, choose your language and click on “OK” button.

Note: Basically, it’s a service provider responsibility to translate their channel into the selected language and some channel may not support the selected language.

Connect Roku streaming stick to the network:

  • Select “wireless network” option under the “network” screen.
  • Now, select your Wi-Fi Network from the available list and type your Wi-Fi password (only if your Wireless network is protected with a password).
  • Furthermore, click on “show password” button if you wish to see your Wi-Fi password.
  • Then, select “Connect” button, your Roku streaming stick will connect to the network automatically.

Download the updated software:

  • When your stick is connected to the network, it will download and install the latest Roku Operating system (OS) software.
  • Afterward, reboot it.

Activate Roku streaming stick:

  • In order to activation, firstly go to on your Smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Then, type your unique activation code (For e.g. XR5RD) whose display on your TV screen.
  • But to activate your Roku streaming stick, it must be connected to an existing or create a new Roku account.  

Make a new account:

  • To create a new account, select “create account” option.
  • Then, enter your detail and accept the license agreement, hit continue.
  • Afterward, give your payment method and bill address information.
  • Furthermore, select your PIN to prevent from unknown purchases and click on continue button.

Note: Roku account allows you to purchase Roku channel, games and more things through channel store.

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