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Looking for the setup of Roku screen mirroring on your Roku com link account? Okay, no worries! As you all know that screen mirroring helps you to stream your mobile phone or tablet content directly to your TV screen. Moreover, the screen mirroring acts as a bridge between your Roku and your devices like the tablet or mobile phone. If your device has the Roku mobile app then you can easily cast videos or movies to your television screen just with the help of Roku screen mirroring.

Roku Screen Mirroring

Now, without wasting too much time and efforts, let’s know about how to setup Roku screen mirroring on your Roku streaming device by using

Steps for Setting up Roku screen mirroring

  • First of all, go to “Navigation” menu on your Roku and scroll down in order to find the menu called “Screen Mirroring” (Beta). Mostly it is shown in the right corner above the Time Zone & clock menu
  • You are unable to find the Screen Mirroring option; it means that your Roku device does not update the latest software yet
  • For latest updates, go to “check for updates” menu
  • After finding the Screen Mirroring option hit it and ensures that it facilitate with the check mark
  • Ifyou don’t see the check mark then hit “Enable Screen Mirroring”
  • One thing always keep in mind that your portable device and your Roku device must be associated with the same internet connection otherwise screen mirroring can’t work
  • If you have the Android device then start the screen mirroring by going to “settings” first then to “connections menu”. Finally, from the connection menu, go to “screen mirroring” and turn it “on”
  • Once, the screen mirroring gets activate on your Android device, it will start scanning all the compatible devices
  • After that, you will see that your Roku device is listed in the available devices
  • Open your Roku device for making the connection. So, for this hit on the “connect”
  • At last, after the successful connection, you will see that your Android device video is now running on to your TV screen
  • For Windows devices, enable the screen mirroring option by going to “settings” then to “project my screen”
  • From the project my screen, go to “add a wireless display”. This will start looking for the available wireless devices.

That’s all about the screen mirroring setup. To get more information, visit

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