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Have you purchased new Roku streaming player? Want to add channels? Seeking for channel activation using If yes, then you are at the appropriate place. Here you find the answers to all your queries related to channel activation.

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Basically, as your Smartphone have App store to download or add a new application, just like that your Roku player or Roku television also use Channel Store in order to add latest Channels. However, some of the channels need a one-time payment or paid Subscription, but rests of the Channels are Free. Usually, you can locate Roku Channel Store from your Roku Streaming Player or also through the web using URL. Additionally, you can also add channels to your Roku through Roku mobile app on a suitable mobile phone.

Normally, Channels can be added to the Roku device, using three different ways. So, let’s begin with channel activation.

First Way – Add Channel through Roku device:

Firstly, open the main screen by pressing “home” button on your remote.

  • Then, choose “Streaming Channels” option to disclose Roku channel store by scrolling up/down the menus.
  • Afterward, explore popular categories at the top of the Roku channel store.
  • Select “Category” then, Choose your Channel you wish to add channels to your Roku device (NOTE: you can also browse your channel through search field, type a title in the search field and hit “OK” button).
  • By clicking on “Detail” button, you can preview screenshot, synopsis, and rating of the particular channel.
  • On the other hand, click on “Add Channel” button, if the channel is free otherwise chosen “Buy $X.XX” button in order to purchase channel.
  • Here you need to enter your Roku account PIN (if you don’t have account PIN, then you need to create your PIN under

Second Way – Adding channel using The Web:

  • Choose “My Account” from site.
  • Then, log in to your Roku account and choose your “Channel” under the appropriate category.
  • To know more about the channel click “Detail” button.
  • Furthermore, hit “Add Channel” or “Buy $X.XX” button to purchase channel.

Third Way – Using Roku mobile app, add channels to Roku Device:

  • Open the Roku mobile app, from the navigation bar, choose “Channels” icon.
  • Choose “Channel Store” option from the top menu, locate your “category or genre” then Select “channel” you want to add to the Roku Channel store.
  • Furthermore, Select “Add Channel” button for free channel or “Buy $X.XX” button to purchase paid channel.
  • At last, if you have account PIN, you need to enter it.

That’s all with Channel activation, with the help of one of three ways you can easily add channels to your Roku device. 

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